bad book review

Oh no, my book received bad reviews!!!

Well, it was bound to happen. Somebody (more than one, actually) didn’t like my book…

When somebody gives you a bad review (and after you’re done crying), might I suggest that you evaluate that review against the type of book that you have written. I write this to encourage authors, because I may have made the mistake of placing my book into a reading group that it didn’t belong.

Like so many new authors, I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to publicity. That written, and thinking it good to get my work out to as many people as possible, I posted my book into a variety of reading groups, even giving some away to a variety of readers. To make a long story short, my book is a solid horror story. I wasn’t sure about that when I wrote it, thinking that it might be a mix or blend of supernatural, thriller, action-adventure and horror, but the audience has spoken and it is a horror story. It does contain other elements – action, supernatural, thriller, drama, etc., but it is a horror story first and foremost. I learned this by receiving the best reviews from those who enjoy horror.

A quick tip for authors is to avoid giving books to those who classify themselves as “readers who enjoy everything.” As I have come to discover, this is probably not true or else these reviewers would have enjoyed my book. Now, the skeptic might suggest that a reader can enjoy everything that is well written, but when a review states that things are “too violent” or “too gory”, well, that isn’t about the writing, that is about subject matter, and if a reader enjoys “everything” they should also enjoy violent and gory subject matter.

These observations aren’t written to mock reviewers, or to defend my work, but rather to encourage writers that not all bad reviews are bad, and that time should be taken to learn from ALL reviews. You can learn something from bad reviews. Point is, test the waters without drowning. Find a body of water that you can swim in and then write for those swimmers. I wish you the best, thanks for reading.

The Last of the Ageless

The Last of the Ageless by Traci Loudin

My mistake.
I was interested in The Last of the Ageless, after browsing a dystopia reading group. I then entered (and won!) a giveaway for this book and was excited to get started. I quickly realized that I had made the wrong assumptions about this book, as it was not what I thought it to be. It is not (in my opinion) a dystopia or post-apocalyptic story in the sense of bad places, or bad things happening in bad places. It isn’t “survival” during or immediately after a crazy event. It isn’t rough or violent and there are no power struggles or human psychology to dive into.

My observation(s).
If you are looking for a nice FANTASY story about shape-shifting humanoids, mind-control and kooky creatures, this might be a fun read for you. It is set in a place that is supposed to be future earth, but that future is FAR removed from a catastrophe that has relegated earth’s inhabitants to a mostly backward existence (think tribes in huts).

There are some creative characters and this is a far-reaching adventure – in that it covers different lands, regions, etc. – but it isn’t very adventurous in the sense of action. There are some action sequences, but these happen during the course of travel and isn’t a main struggle or plot point.

I will add that the author is very creative, writes well enough, and seems to have the beginning to a much bigger world. I am just not an avid reader of such worlds.

If you enjoy fantasy, you might very well enjoy this book.

2 stars outta 5 (from somebody not interested in the fantasy genre)