H narratives: dogman illustration

H narratives: Dogman Illustration

A while back, one of the readers of H narratives: Divulgence, made the comment that she was trying to picture what a dogman might look like. Well, for her and others like her, here is a quick pen-illustration of a dogman in action (dogmen run around on all fours). A couple of notes about this specific dogman, as not all dogmen will look the same…

This dogman is wearing shorts, sandals, and a collar. While every dogman does have a collar, some will have shorts, or shoes, or both. Some may wear weapons or other variations, and yes, some will be nude (except for that collar). Some will wear shorts, because some owners prefer not to see their dog’s butt-crack / genitalia as it runs around Hell. Some will wear sandals, having worn down the soles of their feet to an unacceptable level. So where does one get shorts, sandals, and collars, in Hell? That my friends is called a “tease”, and will be explained in future postings and books.

All dogmen have shaved heads and a large crack at the top of their skull (which will also be explained in future postings and books). In addition to their skull crack, all dogmen have a variety of injuries, some greater than others, that will accumulate until such time as those injuries require a dog to be put down. This particular dogman has lost an eye and two fingers, and has a multitude of gashes and cuts along his body. There is no requirement for disposing of a dog and each owner will use a dog until it’s time for a new dog.

So there you have it, dogman information to accompany a dogman illustration. I hope to have other illustrations, as time permits, so please visit this blog often.

s.j. romero

s.j. romero is the author of H narratives: Divulgence, the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth—death is not what we thought.