'Salem's Lot Review by s.j. romero

‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

I really liked this book, but perhaps not for reasons that most people like books. While reading this, I felt as though I were watching an old B-movie horror flick. I knew all the clichés, the probabilities of what might happen next, and none of the characters were very interesting. I could practically hear the creepy music as the pages were turned and I kept thinking to myself, “This is a vampire book and there’s nothing new here.” And maybe that’s why I liked it so much. It was familiar. It was fun to meet new characters, just enough to know who they were when they got picked off. Not a lot of twists and turns, but a fun, comfortable read.

4 outta 5 stars

s.j. romero

s.j. romero is the author of H narratives: Divulgence, the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth—death is not what we thought.