The Gunslinger by Stephen King

The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Maybe I’m too critical?
For years I had been interested in this series, and prior to reading The Gunslinger, I had heard and read mixed reviews. Some people love this book, while others don’t. Nobody that I heard from, or read about, hated this book and with that I can agree. I don’t hate this book, but it wasn’t very good. To be completely honest, I really believe that were this not a Stephen King production, it may never have been published. Maybe the rest of the series is fantastic, making this book a must read, but I’m not interested in continuing after reading this first part.

Why the no-love?
Is this book a western, a fantasy, or a rambling cash-grab? I don’t think this is / was a cash-grab, although I’m sure Mr. King made and is making quite a haul from this book, but I do think it rambles about, trying to figure itself out.

It is a western-fantasy which isn’t bad, but it bounces around too much and I end up not caring about any of the characters, nor what the main character needs to do. Is he looking for the Dark Tower? Yes. Why? Don’t know, don’t care.

I may read the next book in this series, just to see what happens, but there are plenty of other books that I want to read first, so this series will be put on hold, which means it may never get read.

Lots of people love this book and I think you should give it a try as you may be one of those people. It is a quick read which is good, as you may decide as I did that you don’t need to go further along this dusty trail.

2 stars outta 5

s.j. romero

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