The Last of the Ageless

The Last of the Ageless by Traci Loudin

My mistake.
I was interested in The Last of the Ageless, after browsing a dystopia reading group. I then entered (and won!) a giveaway for this book and was excited to get started. I quickly realized that I had made the wrong assumptions about this book, as it was not what I thought it to be. It is not (in my opinion) a dystopia or post-apocalyptic story in the sense of bad places, or bad things happening in bad places. It isn’t “survival” during or immediately after a crazy event. It isn’t rough or violent and there are no power struggles or human psychology to dive into.

My observation(s).
If you are looking for a nice FANTASY story about shape-shifting humanoids, mind-control and kooky creatures, this might be a fun read for you. It is set in a place that is supposed to be future earth, but that future is FAR removed from a catastrophe that has relegated earth’s inhabitants to a mostly backward existence (think tribes in huts).

There are some creative characters and this is a far-reaching adventure – in that it covers different lands, regions, etc. – but it isn’t very adventurous in the sense of action. There are some action sequences, but these happen during the course of travel and isn’t a main struggle or plot point.

I will add that the author is very creative, writes well enough, and seems to have the beginning to a much bigger world. I am just not an avid reader of such worlds.

If you enjoy fantasy, you might very well enjoy this book.

2 stars outta 5 (from somebody not interested in the fantasy genre)

s.j. romero

s.j. romero is the author of H narratives: Divulgence, the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth—death is not what we thought.