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Why write a blog?

There are many reasons to write a blog, but if you want to become a world-famous author (and I do), the obvious answer is that you have to write. A blog makes it easy to write and it saves a lot of trees so you may as well try it. Also, it’s a great way to find your voice—if you can’t write freely to a blog, maybe you should be an editor (just sayin’). Writing a blog gets you out there, on the net, where it’s scary and everybody can find you. And that’s good, because you want people to find you (well, except the crazies). You want people to find you so that they can like you, follow you, and ultimately purchase your books (how else can you become a world-famous author).

Here’s the problem; writing a blog takes time, which takes time from your efforts to write books. Here’s another problem; after a full day of working, one of the last things that I want to do at night is sit at a computer and write. Unfortunately, night time is about the only time that I can get books out of my head so guess what, if I want to be a world-famous author (and I do), then I need to suck it up and write when I don’t necessarily feel like writing. Nothing writes itself, especially novels, but with the right amount of effort (about 4 years worth for me), you too can finish your first book. My first book, H narratives: Divulgence begins a series about human war-games in Hell which you should definitely read, because it’s awesome!

Why should you read this blog? This blog will be like many other blogs, with the one amazing difference being me. As I often tell my wife, who is very patient and supportive, I am not like most people (I’m better, and worse). Depending upon what you think of me, and what you think of you, my being different from you will either be interesting or not. This blog will include updates to my attempts at becoming world-famous, as well as short stories and random thoughts about random things. I will write because I am supposed to write, which I learned from hundreds of advice articles on the internet (interesting that very few of these “advice articles” were written by world-famous authors, but I digress). Not only do I blog, I also “socialize” via Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, so please visit that digital goodness whenever you feel the urge.

s.j. romero

s.j. romero is the author of H narratives: Divulgence, the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth—death is not what we thought.